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  • Pulling off Sofia Vergara's classic bronze eyeshadow look

    pulling+off+sofia+vergara+s+classic+bronze+eyeshadow+look_3356_800719261_0_0_14012680_300Sofia Vergara doesn't need a lot of help to create a ravishing ensemble, but at the recent Vanity Fair Oscars party, the actress created a sensual pairing that's perfect for the spring. According to HollywoodLife.com, Vergara wore a dazzling mix of bronze and brown eyeshadow that was finished with tube mascara.

    Best of all, fashionistas can pull off the look themselves without a lot of effort. Vergara's makeup artist Kayleen McAdams explained her method, and she says that ladies should start with a good base of foundation. Then, she used liquid eyeliner around the perimeter of Vergara's eyes then applied bronze and tan hues to her upper lids.

    What really stood out about Vergara's look was a bronze winged accent that framed the corners of her eyes. McAdams's secret to making this work is using a bit of concealer on areas where she didn't want the heavy makeup look.

    Of course, the silver lining of using bronze and other shades of brown eyeshadow is that they can blend with one another to create something truly unique. Experiment to find the right match to your skin tone to see if you can pull off a true A-lister look.

  • A few necessary purchases to make the most of your mascara application

    Your vial of tube mascara is probably one of the most important cosmetics in your beauty bag, but are you really allowing it to reach its full potential? According to BangStyle.com, there are countless cosmetics and accessories that can make every mascara application a work of art.

    If you don't already have one, head out and pick up a heated lash curler. Applying these products are an invaluable part of your makeup routine, and it can ensure an even dispersal of your mascara each time. Be sure to use the curler before you dab on any makeup to craft the perfect shape and keep it that way throughout the day.

    Clumpy cosmetics can be a serious detriment to your look, so pick up a lash brush to avoid this common problem. Always do this when your mascara is still wet to individually separate your lashes and improve their appearance.

    Additionally, use the spring season to check out a wide range of colorful new mascaras. You'd be surprised just how stunning your look can be when you give your lashes a pop of color!

  • Navigating the many mascaras on the market

    If you've ever looked through the selection of mascaras at the local drug store or even in high-end beauty shops, you've probably noticed that when it comes to mascara, there are many different formulas that promise to do a variety of things to your lashes. The wide selection can be tough to pick from, but luckily you don't have to worry about choosing when you have blinc's tube mascara.

    From volumizing and thickening to waterproofing and lengthening, most mascaras only address one or two of your beauty needs. Some tubes are great for when you want extra curl, while others work well if you want a no-smudge look. However, not many can provide you with all of the qualities you want in fabulous lashes.

    That's why blinc tube mascara is the obvious choice for ladies who want to get it all for their lashes at the same time. Instead of juggling between several different tubes, you'll only need one product to give your lashes length, volume, curl, nourishment and staying power. The best part is that you can wear tube mascaras all day without having to worry about any irritation, even if you wear contacts!

    At the end of the day, a little warm water and pressure is all it takes to make the formula slide right off. Can you say that about your other mascaras?

  • Spring clean your makeup stash

    is+it+time+to+clean+out+your+makeup+stash+and+stock+up+on+new+products_3356_800722591_0_0_14005552_300Spring is almost here, which means you might be gearing up to tackle the task of cleaning your home. While kitchens, closets and bathrooms are certainly in need of attention, it's your makeup bag that should really get an update. Although the prospect of throwing out some of your old favorites is cringe-worthy, relax - you'll get to stock up on new tube mascara and liquid eyeliners!

    According to Good Housekeeping Magazine, most beauty products do go bad after a certain amount of time. Once you open the containers and expose the formulas to air, some ingredients start to oxidize and degrade. Plus, every time you use your makeup, you're transferring germs to each container and brush. Even heat and humidity can take a toll on certain products.

    Assess your stash and throw out anything that you can't remember buying. Products that are dried up, separated or discolored are obviously ready for the bin. The news source recommends throwing out any liquid eyeliners and mascara that are over three months old, as they won't apply as well and the formulas will no longer do what they're supposed to.

    Once your stash is cleaned out, pick up blinc's tube mascaras and liquid eyeliners. They're unlike other products and can be worn all day without having to worry about smudging, running or irritation.

  • Blue mascara: en vogue at Paris Fashion Week

    There's nothing better than a great tube mascara to enhance the length and volume of your lashes, except, of course, if that mascara is a vivid shade of blue. Case in point: models at the fall/winter 2012 Stella McCartney runway show at Paris Fashion Week strolled down the runway sporting bold cerulean blue mascara, reports Glamour Magazine's beauty blog.

    Colorful blinc tube mascara is a great way to enhance the look of your lashes without relying on falsies or eyeshadow to get the job done. It can freshen up your look in a way that's noticeable without being overwhelming, and the shades can look great on anyone. If you choose blue in particular, the color can even make the whites of your eyes appear brighter. Who wouldn't want that?

    Prep your lashes first using blinc's lash primer, then apply one thin coat of black mascara to get a bit of definition. Follow it up with two coats of colorful tube mascara on your upper and lower lashes. Worn alone or with your choice of eyeshadow color, blue, green or purple blinc tube mascara will turn your look into a fashion statement.

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