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  • How to wear colorful tube mascara without going overboard

    Ever since the models at the Stella McCartney fashion show strutted down the catwalk in colorful mascara, the world of beauty has been buzzing. Colorful tube mascara is definitely trending, but there are some rules that apply.

    According to Allure Magazine, you should keep the rest of your eyes bare and go minimal on blush when you're wearing colorful tube mascaras. Matching your lashes to your lids can be a bit tacky, so if you need eyeshadow, go with a subtle white shimmer or a neutral taupe.

    Having gorgeous skin also helps your tube mascara to pop, so be sure to use an illuminating face powder on top of your regular foundation and a concealer to get rid of any blemishes or undereye circles.

    If you like the idea of colorful tube mascara but aren't sure if you can pull it off, it's possible to ease yourself into the look. Simply apply blinc's black tube mascara as usual, then use a colored tube mascara to layer on top. This will mute the color without completely eliminating it's effects.

  • Spidery lashes without the "eww" factor

    When you think of spidery eyelashes, you might picture a couple of noteworthy beauty "don'ts." However, spidery lashes don't have to be an unflattering sign that you didn't spend enough time applying your tube mascara. Just look at Kim Kardashian: she always has to-die-for lashes that definitely fit the spidery bill. Here's how to get the look the right way, according to Allure Magazine.

    First, curl your lashes with blinc's heated eyelash curler. This tool is much gentler on your eyes' fringe because it won't break the individual hairs or pull them out like a manual curler might. After you've achieved a flattering curve, apply black tube mascara to your top and bottom lashes. This will encase your eyelashes in tiny, lengthening tubes. When it's dry, apply another coat. (For extra drama, three coats might even be necessary.)

    The key to these spidery lashes is how you hold the mascara wand. Instead of using it horizontally to sweep lashes up and down, try holding the brush vertically and sweep it back and forth across your lashes. If there are a few large clumps, just use a comb to remove them.

  • Deciding how to handle your lower lash line

    Many women struggle with how to apply makeup to their lower lash line. Some women have fine lines and wrinkles around the area that tend to accumulate product, while others have dark circles that can look more pronounced with darker lower lashes. However, with the right blinc cosmetics, your lower fringe doesn't have to be such an enigma.

    If you think your lower lashes could use a boost but you're worried that your undereyes could end up wearing most of your tube mascara, lash primer might be the answer to your problems. Not only will it give you a larger base to work with (as these eyelashes tend to be tiny), but it will nourish your lower lash line and help them grow just as healthy as your upper lashes. Simply apply a few coats before your tube mascaras.

    Of course, it also helps to work with a clean slate before you apply your eye makeup. If you have undereye circles that might appear darker and more shadowy with defined lower lashes, cover up with a concealer that will combat the purple tones, then swipe on a bit of highlighter to brighten up the area.

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