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  • Sneak preview for nude Spring trend

    sneak+preview+for+nude+spring+trend_3356_800255632_0_0_7077039_300We know it's hard enough to believe that it's already the holiday season, but in case you want to get ahead of yourself, here's a sneak peek into one of spring's scintillating new makeup trends.

    StyleBistro.com reports that makeup in spring 2011 is all about "enhancing natural beauty and showing a healthy glowing skin." This doesn't mean you should ditch the products, but rather opt for neutral, natural-looking shades.

    According to the news source, eyes can be softly defined with a coat of mascara and beige, apricot, pink, or brown eyeshadow.

    For subtle lash play that won't interfere with your impeccably natural look, try blinc Mascara. Its water-resistant tubing formula won't flake or smudge so you won't end up with streaks of makeup on your gorgeously neutral face. It also binds to lashes better than many leading mascaras, meaning just a quick swipe will go a long way.

    Instead of a black formula, which could appear too harsh against minimal makeup, opt for a brown hue to enhance your lashes.

  • Pastels to grace eyelids this spring

    pastels+to+grace+eyelids+this+spring_3356_800261584_0_0_7067027_300If you're already wondering what's on the other side of the coin for this fall's dark, dramatic makeup, you can expect things to lighten up a bit in time for spring and summer 2011.

    Pastel eyeshadows will be a hot commodity during the warmer months, and the palette will suit all kinds of women, according to StyleBistro.com. The bright warm tones will look radiant on any complexion and flatter mugs of all ages. Better yet, pastels come in an endless variety of hues including shades of blue, green, purple and pink.

    StyleBistro recommends opting for paler shades for a daytime look and donning some of their bolder cousins when you're out on the town. To really make the most of the pigment, keep blush and lip colors soft and neutral.

    But don't forget to enhance your lashes, which complement virtually any eyeshadow when they're at their fullest. Pair your favorite pastel pigment with a couple coats of blinc Mascara. Its water-resistant tubing formula is designed to prevent flaking and smudging, so you won't see dark residue anywhere on your light, luminous lids.

  • Be gentle with your lashes

    be+gentle+with+your+lashes_3356_800264981_0_0_7075480_300Some want long, some want luscious, some want spidery and some want a full, feathery fringe. We place a lot of demands on our mascara, and rightly so - today's technology makes it possible for mascara to multi-task, meaning we no longer have to settle for any one-trick pony.

    Unfortunately, some women experience unwanted effects when using their favorite formula. Some products tend to clump or smudge, and more than a few gals find their lashes falling out on occasion.

    "Many times, a loss of lashes...[can] mean that you are scrubbing at your eyes a little too harshly when trying to remove makeup that you've applied a little too thickly," reports TruthInAging.com. According to the website, breakage may also be the result of the stiffening effect of many mascaras.

    Instead of giving up on mascara, ladies may want to try blinc Mascara, which can solve some of these issues. The formula encases each lash in miniature tubes that come off easily with warm water and gentle pressure - no need for harsh scrubbing. The mascara is ideal for sensitive eyes, as it's been clinically tested for non-irritating ingredients. Thanks to the water-resistant formula, your mascara should go on looking good as new without flaking or smudging throughout the day.

  • Bat a lash on your next date

    bat+a+lash+on+your+next+date_3356_800278221_0_0_7077678_300Arguably, your lashes are your deadliest weapon when it comes to charming the socks off your date. In any case, it's never a bad idea to give them a little extra TLC before you head out.

    Rather than frustrate yourself with tricky false lashes, why not just pile on the mascara?

    For a falsie look that's a little more realistic, Glamour.com recommends thickening up your lashes by dusting them with some translucent powder before applying your favorite mascara. To finish, brush with a lash comb if you need to work out some clumps. According to the news source, "they'll look almost fake (in a good way)."

    For the ultimate in holding power, try blinc Mascara. Its long-lasting, tubing formula will bind to lashes gently, encasing them in small tubes that stay looking great all day and come off easily with just some warm water and gentle rubbing. And if you're caught in the rain? The mascara is water-resistant, meaning it won't run, flake or smudge no matter what the day's forecast is.

  • TRON's makeup legacy

    We don't all have to totally geek out to appreciate the high-flying makeup styles in the new TRON: Legacy movie.

    Lucky for us, lead makeup artist Rosalinda da Silva revealed a few of her secrets on how to take your makeup to an alternate reality.

    "I thought that incorporating strong lines and shapes into the makeup designs would be appropriate in keeping not only with the sets and costumes, but also with [director Joseph Kosinski's] vision," she told NerdReactor.com.

    Da Silva said she gave faces "very reflective finishes" with foundations and powders to make them pop in 3D vision. The Sirens, a group of characters in the movie, also received special emphasis on their eyes with special contact lenses and three sets of false lashes each, she told the news source.

    Of course, if you're not keen on the falsies, you can go for a slightly more subdued look like Quorra's, which requires shimmery highlights on your cheeks and browbones, black eyeliner and a couple coats of volume enhancing, water-resistant mascara. Use blinc Mascara for an optimum hold that could only belong to the future.

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