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  • A better way to liven up your gaze

    a+better+way+to+liven+up+your+gaze_3356_800332584_0_0_6000976_300Eva Longoria has recently come under a lot of heat (and camera flash) for her uber-reflective concealer application. Eva unknowingly stepped outside recently wearing concealer that was visible in the light, making for ghostly white patches that contrasted sharply with her bronze complexion.

    "To be fair to Eva, the concealer definitely didn't look like that in the bathroom mirror. A lot of cosmetics have reflective particles in them to add a bit of extra glow. Unfortunately, these particles can make for one alien-looking photo op," says StyleBistro.

    To avoid this pitfall, ladies may want to consider going easier on the concealer and trying other methods of creating an alert, aware gaze.

    A few coats of good mascara will instantly wake up tired eyes and will look just fine under any lighting, especially one with a long-lasting, water resistant formula like blinc Mascara. The mascara encases lashes in miniature tubes rather than going on as a paint, providing optimum all-day hold for lashes without the harshness of regular waterproof formulas.

    For a particularly eye-opening look, opt for navy blue mascara, as the hue will make the whites of your eyes appear brighter.

  • Mascara 101: Smoothing out the kinks

    mascara+101+smoothing+out+the+kinks_3356_800364280_0_0_7075480_300Some of you may be wondering what you did to anger the makeup gods to have your mascara turn out so consistently clumpy all the time.

    Truth be told, it may have less to do with karma in action than it does with your mascara and the way you hold the wand. editor Laura Kenney points to excessive product on the brush as one of the usual culprits. Kenney suggests wiping the wand off with a tissue prior to application to squeeze off the extra stuff. However, too much clumping on the wand is also a telltale sign that you need to replace your mascara.

    Another major faux pas is pumping the wand prior to each application. Kenney explains that doing so creates air bubbles within the product, leading to dry, clumpy mascara. A better technique is to gently swirl the wand prior to pulling it out, which will evenly coat the brush and help you achieve a more consistent application.

    Ladies should also look to blinc Mascara for an innovative way to achieve flawless application. Its cutting-edge formula encases lashes in miniature tubes rather than going on as a paint, providing optimum all-day hold without looking garish.

  • Yet another reason to love mascara

    Why do ladies love mascara? If nothing else, it's the ultimate go-to morning fix to transform your face, even if you don't have the time for anything else. Mascara makes any woman look instantly more awake, more appealing and more feminine.

    Then again, as celebrity makeup artist Bret Freedman put it to, "there's no better way to amp up your look than with long, lush lashes. I'm a huge fan of mascara - I love that women can wear oodles of it and it never reads as makeup."

    To properly capitalize on this advantage of the ever-elusive feminine mystique, finish any makeup look with a couple coats of blinc Mascara. Its revolutionary long-lasting water-resistant formula will stay true from morning to night without running, flaking or smudging. Unlike other leading brands, blinc's encases lashes in miniature tubes that provide optimum volume and length which come off gently at night with just a little warm water.

  • Valentine's Day makeup idea: Big, dramatic lashes

    There's no better day than February 14 to show the world just how gorgeous and demure you can be, and luckily for all, there are many ways to do so.

    Here's a thought for some of you glamorous gals - why not bring the focus to your eyelashes this year? Emphasizing your fringe not only makes you look more awake and more appealing, but your lashes are among the most feminine features on your face, and a little can go a long way when it comes to how you use your mascara.

    Makeup artist Dick Page told Allure that the best way to start is by curling your lashes. Next, mascara is best applied by wiggling the wand at the base of your lashline to get a nice, even distribution. Page recommends using three coats of the stuff for ultimate length and separation, but cautions to comb while they're still wet to avoid clumping.

    For the ultimate results in lash length and volume, use blinc Mascara. It's equipped with a revolutionary formula that encases lashes in miniature tubes, offering the best in water-resistant technology without being harsh on your fringe.

  • How long is too long when it comes to holding on?

    how+long+is+too+long+when+it+comes+to+holding+on_3356_800404424_0_0_14001100_300If you're still having trouble letting go of your dream to win the Tiny Tots Beauty Pageant, it's probably time to let go. If you're wondering about your mascara that you've had since you started college five years ago, it's definitely time to let go.

    According to The Chicago Tribune, experts recommend that you change your mascara every three to four months, as the tube can collect bacteria.

    It's generally okay to hold on to eyeliner if you sharpen the pencil and continually renew the surface.

    It's good practice to replace your other makeup on the regular, but just look out for smelly, gunky or uneven consistencies that indicate you should toss the product.

    Then again, you could ask the same question about the lasting power of your mascara. If your lashes look continually fabulous from the moment you put on your makeup to the point at night where you're washing it off, that's great indication you've found the right brand. Use blinc Mascara for its revolutionary long-lasting tubing formula.

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