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  • Blinc Trivia: Foolproof makeup your boyfriend can practice on you with

    blinc+trivia+foolproof+makeup+your+boyfriend+can+practice+on+you+with_3356_800489493_0_0_7018792_300We're sure most of you would rather give your mascara wand to a three-year-old than allow your boyfriend or husband to doll you up, but apparently, it's not a totally uncommon practice in the big wide world out there.

    Dana Oliver of StyleList.com trolled the internet enough to find out that that there's more than one video of ladies getting the cosmetic treatment by their beaus. Given that this may be hard to resist for some of you, we thought we'd offer some helpful tips in terms of some (relatively) goofproof products he can practice with.

    According to Oliver, it's not unheard of for men to intuitively grasp the dark-circle banishing effects of concealer, so don't be afraid to let him dab on some corrector. We'd maybe keep the liquid foundation on hold, but a pressed powder is hard to mess up, as are blushes that don't stray too far from your natural skin tone.

    As for shadows, stick to light, shimmery colors that can be applied haphazardly. Skip the liner (unless you're brave), and stick to a high performance product such as blinc Mascara that will resist flaking and smudging. Plus, he'll have that much more fun watching the unique tubing formula bind to your lashes.

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  • Blinc Trivia: Get the Twiggy look

    blinc+trivia+get+the+twiggy+look_3356_800490595_0_0_10492_300Twiggy wasn't just famous for inspiring girls everywhere to be impossibly thin - those iconic, spidery lashes changed the beauty world forever, and every time you think of "mod," we're willing to bet her gaze comes to mind.

    However, you don't need to be a supermodel (or hail from the '60s) in order to pull off this very basic look.

    "White shadow [can help you] tap into spring's '60s look," Glamour.com reports. "[Makeup artist Pat McGrath] suggests dabbing on a little white shadow on the inner corners of both eyes, then add some to your upper lids. Next, work your black liner into thick lines on both your top and bottom lids (without taking it to a raccoon-worthy level!)."

    To get that signature effect, however, you'll need a few layers of black mascara, applied straight up from the base of your lashes. Get unbeatable spidery fringe using blinc Mascara - the patented formula not only helps you look fantastic, but it's built to resist all forms of flaking, running and smudging.

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  • April showers bring fabulous lashes

    april+showers+bring+fabulous+lashes_3356_800491848_0_0_7014017_300Forget the rainy season. Just because the weather's being all seasonally appropriate (gawd) doesn't mean you have to suffer through it with less-than-fabulous makeup. With the right tools by your side, you can take at least one more bummer off your plate, leaving you free to complain about more pressing matters.

    When it comes to your base makeup, your best defense probably lies in dusting on some translucent powder. This won't help you if you're caught in a downpour, but it does keep things like oil and shine at bay, so if you're out in a drizzle, you can fear no longer.

    The biggest beauty concern when caught in the rain is mascara, however, and this is one area where you'll want to be totally covered. Many waterproof brands fail to deliver on their promises, but with a high-performance water-resistant product like blinc Mascara, you'll be in good hands.

    Blinc Mascara is powered by a breakthrough tubing formula that binds to lashes in a unique manner, encasing them in miniature tubes rather than going on as a paint. These mini "faux" lashes give you the length and fullness you desire as well as some pretty dedicated loyalty, refusing to budge off your lashes until you're ready to wash off your makeup at night.

  • Blue liner: Reaching that middle ground

    blue+liner+reaching+that+middle+ground_3356_800509712_0_0_14016249_300It's always tempting to want to experiment with different makeup styles, but not all of us can bring ourselves to flat out flaunt an unconventional shade of liner if we consider ourselves too conventional or too old to stray from the basics.

    If you needed some help getting around these misconceptions, Bar Refaeli showed us all how to find a workable middle ground between all-out Ke$ha-land and moderate, plain-jane sophistication. The model showed up on the red carpet recently wearing blue eyeliner on just her lower lash line, with shimmery rose gold shadow swept all over her otherwise liner-free lid.

    The liner-on-the-bottom move is a classic example of how you can flaunt just a hint of color without going overboard with an all-over smoky eye. You can even try experimenting with mis-matched liners, if only to vary things up a bit.

    If blue liner just isn't your thing, see what the subtlety of some blue blinc Mascara can do for you. The blue will brighten the whites of your eyes without appearing overly obvious, and the product is still packed with the incredible water-resistant tubing properties of the classic blinc formula.

  • Blinc Trivia: Here's one way to beat the rainy season

    blinc+trivia+here+s+one+way+to+beat+the+rainy+season_3356_800511845_0_0_14003708_300There might be little you can do to change the fact that spring comes with its fair share of rain, but don't let something like mascara keep you from going out to brave the weather. Women everywhere may be scurrying beneath umbrellas and jackets to protect their clothes and their hair, but at least with products like blinc Mascara, there's one less thing to worry about on your morning commute.

    Though many women may already wear waterproof mascara, the use of such leading brands doesn't come without its own tradeoffs. Many formulas aren't as effective as is marketed, and waterproof mascara is notorious for being difficult to wash off and damaging to the lashes.

    Not so in blinc's case, however. The one-of-a-kind water-resistant mascara binds to lashes in a unique way to prevent flaking, running and smudging throughout the day, but because of its unique tubing technology, the mascara encases lashes in miniature tubes rather than going on as a paint. These act as stead-fast enhancers of length, volume and budge-proof performance, and all it takes is just a little warm water and gentle rubbing at night for them to effortlessly slip off.

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