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  • The differences between cowgirls and city folk

    If you're in the city, it's simple to spot a cowgirl because she's likely the one who pops bubble gum loudly and sports the pigtail-overall combination on a regular basis. On the other hand, in a country setting, it's very easy to pinpoint the city gals because they'll likely talk loud enough to attract everyone's attention and wear enough makeup to give the local cosmetics girl - if there is one - an early pension with benefits.

    It's safe to say that some girls might be confused as to what category they fall into. Luckily, there are usually some classic traits that can help a woman decide if she falls from a Georgia peach tree or is destined for the Big Apple.

    First and foremost - cowgirls don't mind getting their hands dirty. They can do farm chores around the clock without grimacing at the scent of manure, and they might go fly fishing for fun. City girls typically roll their eyes at the mere sight of a pitchfork, as their freshly-polished nails can sometimes be their top priority.

    Many city dwellers don't know how to pump their own gas. In fact, some don't even know how to drive - period. Cowgirls are usually champions of any vehicle, from antique convertibles to diesel engine tractors. Additionally, John Deere is part of their regular attire.

    Cowgirls talk funny. Girls who were raised in isolated country areas might as well be speaking their own language. Aside from using words like "ya'll" and "ain't," country folk have their own expressions for everything. However, don't be guided by the misconception that they're uneducated. Even if some of them don't necessarily have the book smarts, they can read people better than anyone else.

    If you want to learn the true differences between country gals and city gals, travel around the USA a bit and experience the various subcultures. Just don't be surprised if you end up trading in your blinc Mascara for the barnyard, or vice versa.

  • First date - dinner and a movie or bungee jumping?

    first+date+dinner+and+a+movie+or+bungee+jumping_3356_800526579_0_0_7054313_300If your dream guy ever asked you out on a date, what would you want to do? Are you the type of gal who likes a slow dance and enjoy a casual drink or two, or are you someone who needs to live on the edge? Dinner and a movie is a tradition that has been around for ages, but the concept of adventurous first dates is relatively new on a large-scale - probably starting with those rebellious baby boomers and their beatnik ways (we can thank Fonzie and Westside Story for that).

    It's not always easy figuring out what to do on a first date, but being spontaneous is usually the key to showing your creative side. If you're a girl who prefers excitement over predictability, there are many first date activities that might whet your appetite. Just hope that he makes the suggestions instead of you to find out if he's a keeper.

    Free falling. Although the availability of bungee jumping facilities might be scarce in certain areas, you can always go out for a fair-weather skydive or just stick with the safest option of rollercoasters. Defying gravity is a grand enough concept to inspire all sorts of stories for the future grandchildren, so make sure you drop with a bang - but not such a big one that the date ends with a trip to the emergency room.

    Clubbing. Sometimes, after a nice dinner and a couple of martinis or glasses of wine, you may be both in the mood for a little more sugar and spice. In this case, dancing might be just the right method for your madness. Many clubs blare music that's too loud to hear each other talk - but after listening to each other's stories during an entire meal, who to anyway? Besides, a little bump and grind on the dance floor can often reveal a lot about a person. And if he spends more time cutting a rug with the floozy who bounces from guy to guy like a swollen beach ball, you know exactly what to expect relationship-wise.

    Playing with heavy machinery. We all know how fun it can be to have the power of a monstrous engine in the palm of our hand. If you live in the country, it would be hard not to pass up a ride on that John Deere tractor to top off a first date - or better yet, a freighter truck!

    Adventurous first dates tend to linger in the memory bank, making both parties a little more interested in each other. But let's face it, even the most chaos-driven individuals need a little downtime every now and then. If this is the case, you may want to suggest heading to the movies to catch the latest chick-flick. Just make sure you don't cry so much during the tear-jerker ending that you scare him away.

  • Which decade is yours to wear?

    We all know the many differences between the ridiculous MC Hammer pants of the '90s, the outlandish spandex of the '80s and the famous - or infamous - bell bottoms of the disco age. Sometimes we choose to bust those items out of the closet and revisit the past a little. Some girls can even successfully merge modern attire with quirky styles of the past, rocking those aviators with snakeskin leather combinations that scream The Ramones.

    It's safe to say that style often reveals a lot about your personality, giving true meaning to the phrase "wearing your heart on the sleeve." One can easily drop hints about their personal flair by implementing details from the past into their clothing scheme. Here are some great ways to do it.

    Go your own way with the '70s. Groovy and modern all at once, this type of fancy footwear will never go out of style. Additionally, those who find the need to follow in the footsteps of Diana Ross and her discolicious predecessors can add a little volume to their hair, letting everyone know how eager they are to dance their way through life's travails.

    Have the time of your life with the '80s. Although the mullet-ridden days of the Monster Metal groupies might be over, the punk look is still alive and well. If you're a dancer or on your way to the gym, it's acceptable to wear that pair of Dirty Dancing spandex - but that's as far as it should ever go. The last thing you want is to get lost in a flock of seagulls. Attire inspired by the '80s should give off an aura of sophistication, dropping the hint that you're not as simple as it seems.

    Bust a move with the '90s. If you have a pair of baggy sweatpants that would put Aladdin to shame, or if you think Tupac is still alive and well, it's likely that the '90s is the era for you. In this case, there can never be enough flannel vests or ripped jeans in your closet. This was a versatile era in fashion, enabling ladies to either lie back and tell the world they don't care or spend the day playing with their hair.

    Many say that history often repeats itself, especially through clothing. If you think you were meant for another decade, don't be afraid to let people know how you feel.

  • Are you a beach or mountain person?

    Now that summer festivities are on the horizon, it's time to bust out those spaghetti-strapped shirts and peep-toe sandals. Some people prefer the leisure of a sandy beach, while others choose to spend their time embarking on outdoor adventures in the rugged terrain of a mountain setting. Although it's possible to equally enjoy both, many girls out there have personalities that are better suited for one or the other. If you're unsure about which category you fall into, the only reliable way to find out is by hitting the open road this summer and experiencing a sample of both.

    Of course, your preference for certain activities may be able to help you decide which locale will be more likely to let the good times roll.

    Spending a night out on the town. If you're the type of girl who'd rather hop those bars and sing along when loud and obnoxious tunes are playing, the beach is most likely the place for you. Some of the best beach bars are located in some of the wildest venues in the world, providing enough fun to last a lifetime. Besides, the magical aura of a seaside resort presents plenty of opportunities to slather yourself with makeup and blinc Mascera in order to meet a special guy.

    Enjoying a peaceful night under the stars. If you're more of an intellect who appreciates the quiet times with a special person, the mountains will definitely tickle your fancy. There's quite possibly nothing like having a deep and meaningful conversation under the pale moonlight, knowing that no one else is within earshot. The mountains provide just the amount of isolation that's needed for a true romantic getaway.

    Letting that adrenaline flow. Some girls are just as adventure-prone as most guys. If you fall into this category, the mountains will likely provide more opportunities to boost those adrenaline levels and satisfy your craving for a taste of the outdoors. Still, don't forget that beach bum activities like wakeboarding and scuba diving often appeal to thrill-seekers as well.

    Nature enthusiasts almost always get a kick out of going to the mountains, and are usually willing to pass up a trip to the beach. However, if you're worried about all of the critters that might make their way into a campground, you might want to pack your tanning lotion instead of a tent and hightail it to the nearest oceanside hotspot.

  • Top five things to do before the summer ends

    Summer is the best time to expose yourself to the spontaneous frivolities of life and go with the flow - even if it's only for just a day or two. Of course, the life-altering conclusions you make when the liberating days of this season expire are totally dependent on how you ride the wave of warm-weather festivities. Would you rather waste away the hot weekend by dreaming about the hunk in the office across the hall while chowing down on tubs of ice cream? Or are you the type who'd much rather embark on girls-only adventure that would put Thelma and Louise to shame?

    Before the migrating birds make the final call for a summer's end, there are certain things you should set out to do. This way, you can convince yourself that you've actually accomplished something - even if you're the only one who gives a hoot.

    Get that perfect tan. You'll want to spend at least a week at the beach, with ample amounts of sunscreen, to craft that ideal tan. By summer's end you should have a flawless tone that will surely turn some heads in your direction. This is an accomplishment that any girl should be proud of, as we all know it's not so easy!

    Spend the entire day in bed. On those weekends when it's too darn hot out or raining cats and dogs, most of us don't even want to even think about stepping outside. Sometimes it's simply necessary to cuddle up with your favorite pillow and spend the entire day watching soap operas or Montel Williams.

    Standon a peak. Whether it's the tallest skyscraper in the city or the grandest mountain in the state, having an aerial view of your hometown can make for quite the memorable experience. Of course, you'll need the perfect camera to commemorate your brief moment of personal triumph.

    Forgo the diet, if only for one meal. No matter how firm you are about shedding those extra pounds, summer is the best time to abandon ship for a day and fill your belly with a forbidden dinner or two. Encourage your man to take you to the finest restaurant in town to satisfy your cravings.

    Have a wild night out with the girls. Even if your lives are steering in various directions, warm summer nights are the best time to gather your partners in crime and party like there's no tomorrow. Just be sure to dance on a few countertops while you're at it.

    Summer might be your opportune moment to forget about the stresses of everyday life and let those good times roll. After seizing the moment, you might be surprised by how much you learn about yourself.

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