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  • Ways to get a date with a sophisticated intellect

    Are you the type of gal who needs an active mind to keep you interested in a guy? If this is the case, there might be nothing worse than hanging out with a dull dude who can only handle conversations about cars and some of the unfortunate women who had to put up with him before you came along. If you prefer someone who can recite Shakespeare sonnets without missing a beat, you might need to put in a little extra effort to score a date with this kind of suitor.

    Although it might be easy to garner the attention of most other guys, the sophisticated type is much harder to intrigue. If you happen to spot an intellectual hunk while out and about, there are certain things to do if you want to get him to lift his head from the poetry collection he's reading.

    Subtlety is the key. When trying to attract an intellect, the worst thing you can do is blabber in his ear with the hope that he'll notice your good looks and ignore the incessant chatter. Although many guys out there might be shallow, the typical intellect is a little pickier. If you do something subtle, he might actually notice. You should consider pulling the "oops I dropped my pen near your feet" trick. Any true gentleman will surely bend down to pick it up and, if you're lucky enough, say something witty to show his interest.

    Play hard to get. Any simpleminded person can make flirting an obvious gesture. When trying to retain an intellect's interest, it's important to make sure you hide your mating rituals behind witty remarks that could go either way. Sophisticated guys always enjoy a good challenge, and a smart approach is the best way to get him wrapped around your finger.

    Go along with educated discussions. If he opens up a discussion about stuff that's completely over your head, like the philosophy of Socrates or his preference for Mozart, just embrace it and act as if you know exactly what he's talking about. Say as little as possible (in an effort to hide your ignorance), but keep the conversation moving.

    If it takes a guy with a little bit of culture to tickle your fancy, cleverness is likely the only way to get him to notice you. Approaching him with a strategy that's worthy of the mightiest queen in all the land is the best way to get yourself a date with Prince Charming.

  • Which furry friend is best for you?

    If you're scouring the pet stores for a companion, whether it's because of a crippling breakup that left you itching for something to cuddle with other than bed sheets or because you want to be a parent without going through the pains of labor or diaper changes, you'll first want to consider what type of furry friend is best for you. For some, this might be a simple decision, but animal lovers often can't make up their minds. Although it might be cool to own every type of pet you can think of, you probably don't want a house or apartment that resembles a jungle.

    The most common decisions are obviously cats and dogs, but choosing a specific breed is a completely different matter. Cat breeds are a little easier because they're not as emotional and behaviorally versatile as dogs - in other words, they're not as high maintenance. If the feline you choose is too wild for the household, you can just keep her outside and she'll come running every time that dinner bell rings - but if you opt for a canine, you should probably do some research and find out which breed you can handle without having a nervous breakdown. Here are just a few of the canine personalities that might be right up your alley.

    Great Dane. If you're the type of gal who likes horses, a Great Dane is a perfect compromise. The sheer size is enough to please anyone who doesn't mind a little horseplay, as these dogs are often very fun-loving and playful - although they can be quite the couch potato as well.

    Beagle. Sheer brilliance is the best feature of the dog who howls like there's no tomorrow. Beagles are arguably among the smartest - but most stubborn - breeds out there. If you prefer a dog who'll dive into you the moment you come home, beagles pack a heck of a punch considering their size.

    Chihuahua. Sometimes referred to as pocket rats, Chihuahuas are the little yappers that one can fit in a purse and carry around all day, especially to the salon. If you want a pet that you can play dress-up with, the Chihuahua is it - the breed's sole function is to be cute and cuddly.

    Choosing a pet isn't always as simple as strolling to the store window and pointing one out like a pastry at a coffee shop. Figure out which breed is best suited for your own personality, because what they say might be true - dogs are really people with short legs and fur coats.

  • Best ways to escape the summer heat

    best+ways+to+escape+the+summer+heat_3356_800546735_0_0_14021847_300Although the summer brings plenty of positive vibes, most will agree that there are certain days when the heat is flat out intolerable. With heat waves making people miserable from practically coast to coast, it doesn't seem too outlandish to imagine the refreshing cool feeling of a crisp autumn morning. It's a known fact that high temperatures make people drowsier and crankier. If those sweltering temperatures are getting to your head, finding ways to escape it is likely the only thing on your mind. Here are some of the easiest ways to go about doing so.

    Find a body of water. The only good thing about excessive heat is that it makes water feel way more satisfying. There's nothing like the ocean and a sandy beach - but if you have to settle for a pond or lake, go for it. Pools are even better because they're usually clean and have at least one dreamy lifeguard.

    Go to the library. When the temperatures are so unbearable that you can't even imagine relief, the last thing you want to do is read a book. However, because libraries are maintained by the county or city, the air conditioning there is usually most satisfying. You might be surprised by what you can learn by investigating all the library has to offer.

    Go underground. Even if air conditioners don't do the trick, basements are almost always cold and dark. Although it might smell like mold and anything else you can imagine, hanging out down there might also convince you to organize your storage space a little. Just stay on the lookout for spiders and other creepy crawlies.

    Escaping from the heat isn't always as easy as it sounds. It can be a challenge to find a place that can keep you cool and keep you busy at the same time. Just make sure you don't make your friends or neighbors think you're homeless by occupying their space for days on end!

  • Chick flicks that don't suck

    chick+flicks+that+don+t+suck_3356_800550993_0_0_15093_300There are a bevy of romantic comedies slated for release this summer, and chances are the ones categorized as chick flicks have piqued your interest. However, let's face it - it's more than likely you'll spend your time in the theater staring blankly at the screen, wondering where in the course of this two-hour tearjerker that things started going downhill.

    However, every once in a while, you might get lucky enough to catch a chick flick that doesn't suck. If you want to experience a masterpiece that will make your boyfriend second-guess himself for ever doubting your taste in movies, there are plenty of rentals out there that will do the trick.

    Closer. Directed by the same master who graced us with The Graduate in the 60s (Mike Nichols), this is one movie starring Julia Roberts that won't disappoint. Joined by Natalie Portman, Clive Owen and Jude Law, Julia puts on a performance that justifies her status as America's Sweetheart. This gritty drama is about two couples who are tangled in a web of deceit, obsession and betrayal.

    (500) Days of Summer. It's rare to see a "college crowd" type of movie that actually exhibits some type of relevance to society, but director Mark Webb captured the essence of the current generation in (500) Days of Summer. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel take the audience through a spiraling rollercoaster of emotion as they work their way through an unstable fling. Destiny and everlasting love hang in the balance as Tom (Gordon-Levitt) makes an attempt to understand the depth of Summer's (Deschanel) complexity.

    Adventureland. If you're tired of watching Kristen Stewart cuddle up to a hunky vampire, you might appreciate her role in something a little more down to earth. Adventureland takes us back to the summer of 1987, when Jesse Eisenberg's character (James) decides to take a job at a local amusement park to save some necessary money and pursue his dreams. That's when he meets the laid back Em (Kristen), who also works at the park. If you grew up in the 80s, you'll likely grow fond of this up-lifting romance.

    Although you might have given up on the chick flick genre, there are some producers out there who wish to portray a realistic concept of love and the mysteries that drive it. Instead of renting Dirty Dancing over and over again, go out there and grab something that goes against the grain.

  • Blinc Trivia: Don't underestimate the power of purple

    When it comes to revered makeup colors, it's safe to say that varying shades of pink, blue and green reign supreme. While these hues are especially lovely, women shouldn't hesitate to apply purple eye shadow, eyeliner or even (yes, we're going there) lipstick whenever possible.

    Purple is a beautiful color, but it's also lauded for it's power and wonder. The pigment was used to decorate China's infamous Terracotta Army, and in medieval Europe, a bluish version of the shade was reportedly shown off by some of the wealthiest royals to walk the earth.

    In today's modern society, women who embrace purple cosmetics can feel like a modern day queen. Violet eyeshadow works fantastic for daytime activities while marvelous magenta lipstick can allow a lady to call attention to her pout wherever the evening takes her.

    Gals who really want to give their appearance a pick-me-up should top everything off with some blinc Mascara. The product not only refrains from clumping or smudging, it also elevates the look of any purplish shade, whether it be lilac, indigo or plum.

    Daily Trvia Question: What are the 2 astrological signs for the month of August?

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