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  • Blinc Trivia: Maya Rudolph opts for little liquid eyeliner at recent movie premiere

    maya+rudolph+opts+for+little+liquid+eyeliner+at+recent+movie+premiere_3356_800731570_0_0_7041001_300Just because you're a big movie star doesn't mean you need to wear pounds of makeup and an excess of liquid eyeliner, as actress Maya Rudolph proves. Recently, the celeb stepped out in style at the premiere of Casa de Mi Padre in Los Angeles wearing little more than foundation and mascara to highlight her natural beauty.

    Even on the red carpet, Rudolph shows that you can look fabulous without hiding your face beneath makeup. Whether you're wearing tube mascara or blush, going light can show that you are a confident woman who doesn't mind exhibiting her natural looks.

    If you want to try to use less makeup in an effort to cater to Hollywood trends, you might want to limit yourself to just tube mascara and liquid eyeliner from blinc. These items are all you need to bring out the beauty in your eyes and create a fresh look.

    The tube mascara can give you volume and length, while the liquid eyeliner can help your eyes appear wider and more intriguing. Neither will smudge or run, which can give you peace of mind.

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  • Five things not to do in the world of beauty

    There are a lot of fashions and trends constantly popping up in the beauty world, and each woman's take on them is different. While one woman's idea of a made-up face involves a hint of tube mascara and a tinted lip balm, another one relies on every beauty product under the sun each time she gets ready in the morning. With so much disparity, we figured you could use a guide on what not to do when it comes to your hair and makeup.

    1. Forget to blend your face with your neck. Sometimes, ladies don't do a good job picking the right shade of foundation. This could lead to an obvious mismatch of the face and neck, which pretty much defeats the purpose of wearing foundation - it's supposed to be invisible. Choose a formula that matches your skin tone, then blend it down into your neck for even, natural coverage.

    2. Overpluck your eyebrows. According to Real Simple Magazine, most women make this mistake because they stand too close to the mirror. If you're focused on each individual hair that's out of place, you'll be forgetting about the big picture: the shape of your brows. Step back from the mirror when you're plucking to avoid too-skinny brows.

    3. Grow your hair out past your bra strap. Allure Magazine reports that derriere-length hair is a total beauty "don't." Not only does your fashion taste become questionable with such a 'do, but you'll also be sacrificing a lot of your hair's healthiness. There's no way the ends of your hair can stay soft and un-split at that length.

    4. Stencil in your brows. When brows are stenciled in with a shade of pencil that's darker than your hair color, it's pretty obvious that your real brows aren't doing you any favors. Choose eyebrow makeup that looks natural, like blinc's eyebrow mousse, and keep the shape of your brows natural.

    5. Transform your nails into talons. There's nothing sexy about nails that are too long to text, type or put contacts in with. Not only are curving talons impractical, but they're pretty much a guarantee that guys will not want your hands anywhere near them. Leave the claw-like manicures to celebrities like Gaga and stick to shorter, "squoval" nails.

  • Blinc Trivia: Katy Perry shines in silver dress and liquid eyeliner

    blinc+trivia+katy+perry+shines+in+silver+dress+and+liquid+eyeliner_3356_800736777_0_0_14009555_300If you need some new liquid eyeliner tips to try out this spring, you might want to peer over to the red carpet for inspiration. Hollywood celebs are out in full force this season with the hottest liquid eyeliner and tube mascara looks to turn heads, whether you're walking around in Beverly Hills or just running to the grocery store.

    One woman who always knows how to make a splash at big events is Katy Perry. The pop music sensation recently showed up to the 2012 Echo Awards in a disco ball-inspired silver dress and bright blue hair. To contrast the overall look, Perry wore dark liquid eyeliner, which brought out the beauty in her peepers.

    You might not have access to a professional makeup artist like Perry and other A-list celebs, but you can look like you do with the right cosmetics from blinc.

    The liquid eyeliner and tube mascara are all you need to look like a star. They can give your eyes a dramatic look that won't run or smudge throughout the day, whether you're going out to catch a movie or heading to the office.

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  • Blemish management 101

    There's nothing like a breakout to make you feel self-conscious and ruin the effect of your perfectly-applied liquid eyeliner, foundation, tube mascara and blush. With each outbreak, it might seem that zits are the only thing you can focus on in the mirror. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to ensure that your face remains clean and clear to reflect your natural beauty.

    As with most problems, acne breakouts are best handled by preventative measures. This means washing your face daily to get rid of dirt, oil and other impurities that could clog your pores. It also means moisturizing to prevent your skin from getting irritated. Avoid touching your face or using makeup and skincare products with ingredients that could be too harsh for your skin, and always use sunscreen to prevent damage that could lead to pimples.

    If you manage to break out despite your best efforts, there are ways to treat the problem and prevent acne from coming back. Use an over-the-counter cream with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid to get rid of zits when you're at home. If you find yourself in a situation where a product like this isn't readily available, Allure Magazine suggests using hydrogen peroxide solution to eliminate bacteria and aspirin to get rid of the spot. Just crush one tablet and mix with water to form a paste, then leave it on overnight.

    While your blemish is being treated, it might be necessary to cover it up in the meantime. Cosmopolitan Magazine suggests using a perfectly-matched concealer to cover the zit before you apply foundation. Use a concealer brush with bristles that can get into the nooks and crannies of the blemish, then use it to carefully blend the product out into the skin surrounding the mark to make it disappear. Apply foundation as usual, then tap a bit of loose powder on the pimple to prevent any oil from melting off your coverage.

    With these tips, you should be able to handle any breakout that might come your way. If your case of acne is very severe however, you might want to visit a dermatologist to get a prescription for a stronger treatment. Otherwise, you should end up with clear skin that will provide the perfect backdrop for all of your blinc cosmetics, whether it's eyebrow mousse, liquid eyeliner or tube mascara.

  • Blinc Trivia: Audrina Patridge shines at Atlantic City event with perfect makeup

    blinc+trivia+audrina+patridge+shines+at+atlantic+city+event+with+perfect+makeup_3356_800738393_0_0_7075351_300If you're looking for liquid eyeliner tips to try out next time you're hitting the town with your friends, you might want to see what some of Hollywood's biggest celebrities are doing these days. Recently, Audrina Patridge showed up to host an event at The Pool After Dark in Atlantic City, and she showed that she still knows how to flaunt her gorgeous looks when cameras aren't rolling.

    The former star of The Hills on MTV wore a gorgeous yellow dress that showed off her natural curves. With her hair tied back, Patridge was able to wear just the right amount of makeup to draw attention to her glowing face as she posed for cameras.

    If you want to look just as glamorous as Patridge, you might want to think about picking up the liquid eyeliner and tube mascara from blinc. These cosmetics are all you need to enhance your natural beauty, whether you're hanging out with your friends or out on a hot date. Best of all, the liquid eyeliner and tube mascara are composed of formulas that won't run or smudge, giving you peace of mind.

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