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  • How to find the best swimsuit for your body type

    Many women dread the thought of trying on bathing suits - it's hard to find a flattering choice when there are so many options! However, there are a few simple ways you can narrow down your search and hone in on a specific type of suit that would complement the shape of your body. Here are a few guidelines to consider depending on your body type.

    1. Small-chested. If you're lacking volume up top, you can rely on fringe, ruffles or frills to add bulk and create the illusion of a larger chest, reports Cosmopolitan Magazine. Look for a two-piece suit with plenty of details on the top.

    2. Large-chested. Well-endowed gals should look for suits that offer your girls plenty of support. Basically, you want a top that feels like a bra. Thick straps and plenty of coverage are also important, according to O Magazine.

    3. Plus-sized. Glamour Magazine suggests looking for vintage-style one pieces with slimming ruched details, or bikinis with halter tops. A good fit will ensure that you're comfortable and confident.

    4. Pear-shaped. If you're bigger on the bottom, Glamour recommends steering clear of boy shorts and sticking with bikinis with a darker bottom or a halter top one-piece to draw attention to your slim upper body.

    5. Athletic. If you've got a body that's straight up and down (small bust and hips), O Magazine recommends choosing pieces that will add femininity. Look for ruching on the chest, halter tops, tankinis or ruffles.

    6. Pregnant. If you'll be sporting a baby bump this summer, Glamour advises to show off your chest and upper arms in a halter top one-piece, which will add coverage without hiding your figure.

    7. Petite. On the shorter side? Bottoms with high-cut legs will lengthen your gams, making you appear taller, reports Glamour. It's also important to find a top that supports what you've got going on up there!

    Now that you have a better idea of what to look for, you can hit the stores, find the perfect body-flattering suit and head to the shore! Don't forget to pack your favorite blinc cosmetics into your beach bag - our unique formulas can glam you up for a day at the beach without putting you at risk for raccoon eyes. No-run, no-smudge liquid eyeliners and tube mascaras will enhance your eyes all day long.

  • Tips to take with you to the fragrance counter

    You know by now that blinc's tube mascara and liquid eyeliner can garner you a lot of attention, but have you tried wearing perfume to get noticed? If you don't already have a signature scent to call your own, it might be time to take a trip to the mall and pick up a great fragrance that fits your style and personality. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect smell.

    1. Avoid spraying multiple perfumes on your skin. After a while, you'll forget which area's been sprayed with what, and they'll all start to mix together, warns BaseNotes.net. Use the cards at the counter when you want to smell different products.

    2. Cleanse your nose after every couple of scents you smell, otherwise your olfactory senses might get overwhelmed and you could get a headache. Some stores have coffee beans for you to sniff, but if they're not available, you can get the same effect from smelling the skin on the inner part of your elbow. Smelling your shirt works too.

    3. Stock up on samples. After you find a few scents that you like smelling on the card, ask for samples of your favorite products. Some places let you buy a kit before you choose a fragrance, and there are plenty of online stores that sell cheap samples. Now you can wear each perfume and experience how it smells on your skin.

    4. Know the notes. When you read about the perfume you're sampling, you may notice talk of top notes, middle notes and base notes. Top notes are what you smell first and they only last for about 20 minutes before the middle notes take over. The middle notes are the main body of the scent, reports SimonBlake.org, and they're strongest one or two hours after application. The base notes are the heaviest scents that remain the longest - smelling strongest after about six hours. To gauge how a scent with smell on you, it's best to spray it on and leave it all day, taking periodic whiffs.

    5. Know what you already like. You should go to the fragrance counter with a list of a few perfumes that you've smelled that meet your fragrance goals, whether it's adding intrigue, innocence, freshness or sophistication to your style. The assistant can steer you toward products that fit your criteria.

  • The 7 chicest handbags for summer 2012

    here+are+some+of+the+chicest+handbags+for+summer+2012_3356_800773025_0_0_14011977_300Spring and summer give many women the excuse to head out and buy a few of the latest fashions to upgrade their looks. It's also a great time to stock up on your favorite blinc cosmetics so you can try out the new seasonal trends. But where will you put your tube mascara and liquid eyeliner when you're on the go? How about in one of this summer's trendy new handbag styles? Here are several to consider.

    1. Knitted bags. According to MillionLooks.com, knitted handbags are totally fashionable and stylish, and they're casual enough to go with a jeans and T-shirt ensemble. Pick one with bright, summery colors or a bag that's all one shade for a sophisticated take.

    2. Cross-body bags. Also called sling bags, 29Secrets.com reports that these carry-alls are kind of like messenger bags except a lot smaller. Worn diagonally across the body, they can even help create curves for women who are slender.

    3. Oversized clutches. These babies aren't reserved for evening anymore. In vibrant hues with serious hardware, large clutches can hold everything you need while making you look chic in the meantime. MillionLooks.com recommends snagging one in a neutral color for work and a bolder color for informal outfits.

    4. Satchels. These top-handle bags are timeless and can offer your outfits a bit of structure, reports Secret29.com. Find one that can hold all of your essentials (which shouldn't be hard, as these tend to be roomy).

    5. Fold-overs. Fold-over bags come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, which means you shouldn't have trouble finding one to match your style. 29Secrets.com points to them as all-occasion bags that can carry what you need in the day and become a cute clutch for nighttime.

    6. Neon. There's nothing more fun than adding a shot of neon to your wardrobe, and a bag is an easy way to ease yourself into the trend. Look for bright pink, lime green, yellow or citrusy orange, then pair with a neutral outfit. If you're willing to take a risk, pair with other neons!

    7. Wristlets. According to MillionLooks.com these are perfect for women who sometimes have trouble keeping track of their stuff! They come in a variety of styles and shapes, but you'll have to pare down your essentials to fit inside.

  • Is he gay... or just a hipster?

    is+he+gay+or+just+a+hipster_3356_800246513_0_0_7076577_300So, you met a guy and you're starting to crush. After the appropriate amount of Facebook stalking, you figure out he doesn't have a girlfriend and you step up your text messaging game. As the chatting turns into a let's-grab-drinks first date, you're psyched. After all, he's cute, funny, smart and a great dresser - what's not to like? Oh, right. Maybe the fact that he shops at H&M more than you do?

    At first you think, well maybe he's just metro - no big deal. Then you realize he owns more keffiyeh-style neck scarves than you and all of your girlfriends combined. Clearly, there are only two logical explanations: he is gay... or just a hipster.

    With jeans getting tighter and neon patterns getting brighter, it can be harder and harder to determine the difference between the two. However, there are a few questions you can ask yourself that may help you make the distinction.

    First and foremost, has he already gotten into your pants? - If he regularly wears your skinny jeans, he's a hipster. If he won't even let you touch his True Religions? We say gay.

    What are his feelings on facial hair? - If he has a mustache tattooed on his index finger, he's a hipster (and sadly, not a very cool one). If he mentions his need for a beard, you're barking up the wrong tree, sweetie.

    Where did your mascara go? - If he asks to borrow your eyeliner, he's a hipster. If borrows your eyeliner and also requires blinc Eyebrow Mousse, Mascara and a bit of shimmer, he's probably gay (and most likely looks better than you).

    Now, if you've determined he's a hipster, you're likely pretty thrilled, as you can soon commence the no-pants dance. However, as great as this conclusion may be for your hormones, there is one major red flag that you may want to check out. You've just attracted a hipster - so what does that make you?

    Quick, look down. Are you holding a can of PBR? Are you wearing thick-framed glasses even though you have perfect natural vision? Do you have the word "Shhh" tattooed on your index finger?

    If you have answered yes, congratulations - you may just be in hipster heaven.

  • Top 3 beauty trends we hope will stay in 2010

    The champagne has been popped, the ball has dropped and (hopefully) the hangovers have stopped. And while many people may think of the new year as a magical time when their slates are wiped clean, don't feel guilty if you still have some 2010 baggage with you on your journey to 2011.

    Yeah we know, it's a new year. But what really happened in between 11:59 pm on December 31 and 12:00 am on January 1? Did a unicorn-riding elf fly across the world and magically erase the issues and problems of the past year? Believe us, we wish that was the case, but unfortunately, the things you had to deal with in 2010 will likely follow you into the new year as well.

    However, while last year's baggage may be tethered to your ankles, there are a few things you can easily leave behind, especially when it comes to the wonderful world of beauty. In fact, there are three trends we encourage you to abandon forever.

    1. The Jersey Shore look. We love watching Snooki, JWoww and Sammi - the ladies are more quotable than a Will Ferrell movie. But please, stop emulating their beauty routines. I mean seriously, we loved tuning into Lost - does that mean we should try to look like the Smoke Monster?

    In 2011, lay off the self-tanner, the false lashes, and for all that is good in the world, take down that poof. Instead, opt for a more natural look. Add a touch of color to your complexion with a bit of bronzing powder and emphasize your eyes with blinc Mascara, which won't run or flake no matter how many gorilla juiceheads you beat up the beat with.

    2. Vampire makeup. From Twilight to True Blood, the nation was (and still is) obsessed with these creepy bloodsuckers, and it's easy to see why. In addition to being immortal and needing blood to stay alive, apparently all vampires are incomprehensibly good looking. And while we'd go undead for Robert Pattinson or Alexander Skarsgard, we don't need to look as though we died long ago.

    Remember, the sun won't actually kill you (hell, it doesn't even kill the vampires in Twilight - but that's a complaint for another day). Experiment with light and bright makeup that will enhance your sun-kissed skin.

    3. Taylor Momsen. While we really hope nobody is trying to look like this raccoon-eyed actress, we have two words for anybody piling on the black makeup: Stop. Seriously.

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