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  • How Beyonce could have made her pregnancy announcement even bigger, better and fierce

    We saw it. We tweeted about it. We raved about it. Beyonce's surprising baby bump at the recent MTV Video Music Awards was more than just a pregnancy announcement - it was an event that will likely be gushed over by talking heads on entertainment shows until Madonna disses another flower or the next well-groomed Kardashian makes her way to the altar.

    Leave it to the lovely lady sometimes known as Sasha Fierce to debut her bun in the oven on a live telecast viewed by millions around the globe. Still, we have a feeling Mrs. Jay-Z herself could have pushed the limits a little more. Here are three ways for some other daring diva waiting in the wings with a positive pregnancy test to maximize the spotlight.

    1. Remain mum for nine months and then give birth on national television. Gaga may have shocked fans when she stepped out on stage at the awards show dressed to the nines as her male alter ego Jo Calderone, but if there's any lady who would be willing to showcase the beauty of birth, it's the Monster Mother. Let's just hope she doesn't wear a hospital gown made of raw meat while chewing on ice chips and giving cameras her best poker face.

    2. Tattoo the sonogram on the baby daddy. Celebrity beach photos are good for two things - getting a glimpse of some seriously hot bods and analyzing the ink of the stars. How fantastic would it be to see a famous father-to-be sporting a tattoo of a fetus growing in the womb? Nothing quite says "we're expecting!" like body art.

    3. Have the child give the news himself. Believe it or not, some stars forgo an official pregnancy announcement and allow the proof of their parenthood to remain in paparazzi photos (case in point - Ethan Hawke and wife Ryan Shawhughes, who welcomed a baby girl named Indiana last month). This may beg the question: why shouldn't some celebs take this a step further and let their little one declare their existence to the world? Picture this Brangelina fans - little twins Vivienne and Knox Jolie-Pitt walking up to the paparazzi cameras, flashing their best toothy smile and declaring in unison, "We're heeeeere!"

  • Dramatic makeup and vibrant colors at Boston Fashion Week's The Launch

    dramatic+makeup+and+vibrant+colors+at+boston+fashion+week+s+the+launch_3356_800619994_0_0_14001539_300Boston's hippest fashion plates and industry insiders were all in attendance at The Launch, one of the premiere runway events of Boston Fashion Week, which ran from September 23 to September 30.

    The show took place at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in downtown Boston (the swanky hotspot sponsored the entire week), and it acted as the perfect opening for seven day's worth of edgy couture, visionary styling and on-trend makeup looks.

    Everyone who gained access to The Launch was privy to the latest collections of Boston's brightest up-and-coming fashion stars - from Karina Bresnahan's accessible resort collection and Candace Wu's vibrant floral evening wear to Prajje Jean-Baptiste's playful and floaty ensembles.

    Fashion trends aside, you know we were honing in on the makeup - and Boston didn't disappoint. Check out our video coverage of the event to see this season's makeup trends paired with Boston's hottest designer duds. It makes for great inspiration.

    Unlike catwalk-worthy threads - which we glimpse months ahead of wear - the moment that a makeup trend hits the runway, style-savvy women everywhere scramble to translate the latest looks into wearable options.

    So what's up in the world of cosmetics this season? Last year's minimalist makeup trends are still in play, but with a hint of attitude that makes them perfect for the autumn months. Think dark, dark lips, clean and precise liquid eyeliner applications and some very dramatic lashes.

    If you love the look of super dark lips, but worry about looking more clown than couture in daily wear, opt for a sheer berry-colored gloss, a red-tinted stain or a traditional cream lipstick in a plum shade. Pair your bold pout with a neutral palette (soft eyes and cheeks).

    Not a fan of heavy applications? A fresh and natural '70s element was also front and center on the catwalk - wavy hair, sheer lips, soft, shimmering eyes and feathery eyelashes made for a sweet and simple look that sharp fashionista's will be able to translate into a workable option for daily wear without too much fuss. (Hint: Tubing mascara or a strong eyebrow will give the look some heft.)

    When you see dark berry lips and fluttery eyelashes on all of your friends and coworkers, just remember that we called it first!

  • Coming up with some boyfriend-friendly activities that you can try on a football Sunday

    Now that football season is in full swing, your weekend may quickly turn into a dead zone, where your boyfriend runs off to watch the big game with his friends and leaves you alone to find something else to do. While this can be certainly taxing to your relationship, sports is a way of life for some men and you're not about to change him anytime soon. On the other hand, there are a number of activities that you can plan that will allow him to keep a close eye on his favorite team, while enjoying some quality time with you. 

    1. Bowling. When it's a rainy Sunday during the fall, there are very few options to keep you and your significant other entertained. Heading off to the local bowling alley is a great way to cut loose and spend time with one another, and it's the perfect solution for bad weather. As a bonus for your lovely boyfriend, most of these alleys have small bars or sitting areas with TVs, so he can check in on the score every once in awhile.

    2. An autumn hike. The mild weather of fall is only going to hang around for so long, so strap on your hiking boots and venture off to enjoy the fall foliage. There's bound to be a nature trail or state park in your area, so take advantage of it! Bring a camera and take plenty of pictures, and you can even pack a few sandwiches and have a small picnic. And make a deal with one another to leave your phones in the car - your lack of texting and his lack of sports score checking is a great compromise.

    3. Go on a wine tour. Head up to the nearest section of wine country and spend a day perusing the many fine vintages that your area has to offer. Wear a cute dress and makeup for the occasion, and don't forget a bit of blinc Mascara to help your lashes look brilliant. Your boyfriend will be happy to show you off at every new winery, and you'll probably have a few new bottles to add to your rack at home!

    Football season sends a shiver down many ladies' spines, but you can make this time of year more enjoyable by planning a few day trips with the one you love. 

  • Indoor activities that can help you and your boyfriend avoid the winter doldrums

    indoor+activities+that+can+help+you+and+your+boyfriend+avoid+the+winter+doldrums_3356_800639334_0_0_7037871_300Now that the colder weather is starting to work its way into many parts of the country, it's hard to work up the courage to put on all of your winter clothing and make the trek outdoors into the blistering cold. Relationships can be strained at this time of the year, as the lack of activities may cause you to bicker for no good reason. Luckily, there are a number of activities to keep you busy at home that can allow you to pass the time and enjoy time with one another.

    1. Cook a meal together. Instead of letting the cooking responsibilities fall on one person, set aside a Saturday to cook a meal with one another. A great option is to make something in a slow cooker - you can get all of your preparation out of the way in the morning and let your food cook throughout the day. That will give you and your guy pal plenty of time to catch up on your favorite TV series while your food is prepared.

    2. Make music together. Even if you and your boyfriend are lacking in musical talent, there are a number of computer editing software programs that will allow you to create a track from scratch. If one of you is musically inclined, you can record a small snippet of a song and then build off of that. This is a fabulous way for the two of you to show your creative side, and it you may just create something fantastic!

    3. Throw a Sunday brunch. Instead of venturing out into the cold, make your friends do it! All kidding aside, a brunch is a great way to get your best buddies together in a laid-back atmosphere. You can show off your culinary prowess and even create a dazzling ensemble for the occasion. Of course, with all of the cooking you'll be doing, be sure to use makeup, like blinc Mascara, that won't run or flake, even during heavy activity.

    Winter is on its way and it's vital that you and your significant other don't succumb to cabin fever. These engaging activities will help the both of you stay active throughout the cold months, strengthen your relationship and maybe just uncover some hidden talents you didn't know you had!

  • Tips to avoid overeating and maintain your figure this Thanksgiving

    After you've put on your tube mascara and a touch of liquid eyeliner and head over to your folks' home for Thanksgiving dinner, you may start to find yourself indulging a bit too much in the fabulous fare. If you've made a commitment to physical fitness throughout the summer and early fall, you don't want to throw off your whole regimen with one big meal. Here are a few tips to avoid overeating on Thanksgiving and throughout the holiday season.

    1. Portion size. There's no sense in piling your plate high with food and letting some of it get cold in the process. After all, there are probably more options on the dinner table than you can fit on your plate, so choose a few dishes at a time. Small portions of each type of food on the table will allow you to taste everything that your family whipped up for the occasion, and it can help you to limit the amount that you eat.

    2. Savoring. Slowing down and enjoying the intricacies of each side and slice of turkey will allow you to appreciate the work that went into it and help you feel full a lot sooner. Since your body requires some time to bring about the sensation of being full, this can help you truly savor your meal and control your food intake. You may just taste a few ingredients you may have missed and share your compliments with the people who prepared it.

    3. Socializing. One way to avoid overeating during the holidays is by making yourself an active part of the conversation. Ask questions and really listen to your family members at the dinner table. After all, it's probably been a long time since you've seen them, and you don't want to miss an opportunity to catch up when you're shoveling down food! Another tip is to put your fork down after taking each bite to allow yourself to feel full faster and limit the amount of food you're eating.

    While everyone loves to go overboard at the holidays, for some ladies, it can be difficult to put in all that hard work at the gym to be undone by a massive holiday meal. By following these tips, you can still enjoy the delectable delights of Thanksgiving and other celebrations, while keeping your overall health and waist line in check. 

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