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  • Prep your eyebrows during the time before you walk down the aisle

    prep+your+eyebrows+during+the+time+before+you+walk+down+the+aisle_3356_800637346_0_0_14017464_300There are countless aspects of your bridal ensemble to consider when you're making your preparations for your big day, and makeup should be one of your top concerns. While finding the perfect eye makeup style is a huge part of the process, paying attention to your eyebrows can revitalize your look, according to

    Makeup artist Mimi Johnson believes that having a professional take a look at your eyebrows before your wedding day is a fabulous idea. This can help you avoid any dry skin and make sure they are well-manicured.

    "Your brows frame your face, so let a professional take care of your brows. It's also a good idea to get them done days before so there's no redness," Johnson told the news source.

    While going to see a professional is a great piece.of advice, doing some work on your own in the months leading up to the ceremony is also vital. Using blinc Eyebrow Mousse can moisturize the underlying skin of your brows and help to fill in sparse areas without smudging or fading throughout your wedding day.

  • Less is more when planning your bridal makeup

    less+is+more+when+planning+your+bridal+makeup_3356_800642576_0_0_14023370_300While it may be tempting to showcase a trendy eye makeup look or sport your favorite smoky eye ensemble for your upcoming nuptials, you may end up detracting from your look in the process. Today's wedding makeup trends are about minimalism and feeling comfortable in your own skin, so try to find that balance when planning out your wedding cosmetics.

    Today's bridal fashions are known for their soft and natural aesthetics, so instead of opting for a dark eyeshadow or copious amounts of eyeliner, use the time period before your wedding to revitalize your skin. Make an appointment for a few facials to ensure that you have a natural glow on your wedding day.

    If you're interested in wearing eyeshadow, go with a sheer sparkling formula instead of a bold color. This can add a touch of glitter to your lids without overwhelming the overall look of your makeup.

    With all the running around you'll be doing on your wedding day, make sure your eye makeup stays put with blinc Eye Shadow Primer. This hassle-free product will prevent your cosmetics from smudging, creasing and fading throughout your big day.

  • A few makeup tips to keep in mind on your wedding day

    a+few+makeup+tips+to+keep+in+mind+on+your+wedding+day_3356_800647742_0_0_14022985_300Whether you're wedding is a few months or a year away, it never hurts to start looking into the cosmetics you'll be wearing on your big day. While tube mascara and liquid eyeliner is a must, makeup guru Bobbi Brown has a number of helpful tips to craft an idyllic bridal ensemble, according to

    Keep in mind how you're going to look in photos. If you apply a heavy amount of pink blush, this can stick out in a photograph. Use nude tones around areas where there could be redness, such as the nose and above the mouth, to blend with the rest of your face.

    While your lip color shouldn't be over-the-top, go with a shade that's at least two to three times brighter than your normal one. Since much of the color will wash out in photographs, this will ensure that your color choices are brought to the forefront.

    You're bound to have your fair share of tears of joy on your wedding day, so make sure your makeup stays put with blinc Eyeliner. This will provide a water-resistant layer of color that won't smudge, run or fade throughout your busy day.

  • Choosing the right makeup for your outdoor wedding

    choosing+the+right+makeup+for+your+outdoor+wedding_3356_800652680_0_0_7031506_300Even if your wedding is still months away, it's never too early to start planning out your bridal ensemble. If you're hosting your nuptials outdoors, particularly in the spring or summer, the warmer weather could wreak havoc on your makeup. That's why it's important to embrace water-resistant liquid eyeliner and tube mascara to have an unfettered look all day long.

    Standing in front of flashbulbs, hugging family members and dealing with the heat of the season can be extremely taxing on your cosmetics. Luckily, bridal makeup trends embrace the idea that less is more, so use some lighter shades of foundation to give your skin a fresh look and use some primer beforehand to maintain a superior hold.

    Your eyes may well up with tears of joy on your wedding day, so it's vital that you use water-resistant products on your eyes to avoid smudging. Tube mascara is the ideal choice that can encase your lashes and stop them from running or flaking throughout the ceremony.

    Lastly, choose a part of your face to highlight. Go with a bold lip color or a touch of eyeliner and leave your other features neutral. This will add up to a dynamic bridal ensemble that will glow in photos for years to come.

  • Eye makeup tips for the daytime bride

    makeup+tips+for+the+daytime+bride_3356_800663767_0_0_7051790_300If you're planning to say "I do" while the sun's still shining, dramatic nighttime eye makeup isn't going to cut it. Anything too dark and heavy won't fit with your floating white dress, pretty bouquet and the sun glinting off your gorgeous updo. Luckily, we've got a couple of tricks up our sleeve to make sure you morning and early afternoon brides are just as beautiful as your after-sunset counterparts.

    Looking to make a dramatic entrance without adding too much weight to your look? Forget about dark eyeshadow and opt for shimmery nudes instead. Try matching your hues to the accents in your bouquet or bridesmaids' dresses for a cohesive, polished style.

    To make your eyes pop, try this tried-and-true celebrity trick - apply black mascara to your top lashes, and brown to your bottom ones. This will help widen your eyes without making anything too dark or dramatic.

    Finally, don't forget about the eyeliner. Apply some liquid eyeliner to the outer corners of your eyes, but skip the dark colors in the inner corners. Instead, use white eyeshadow or a dot of shimmering eyeshadow for the perfect finishing touch.

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