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  • Brooklyn Decker talks about her must-have products

    brooklyn+decker+talks+about+her+must+have+products_3356_800207726_0_0_7063535_300There are few women in the world more beautiful than the Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover models. While we may not all look like one of the flawless females, Brooklyn Decker, the most recent woman to grace the publication's cover, recently shared some inside information about looking great on the beach with

    "Every woman - no matter her shape or size - has insecurities, especially when it comes to being in a bathing suit on the beach," Decker told the news source. "But I'm sure you've seen it - if a woman looks confident, it's instantly sexy, no matter what her shape or age."

    One of Decker's necessities is a great razor to keep her body smooth and sleek. The blonde beauty told the news source that she always carries a razor with her. The other two products that Decker can't live without? Lip balm and waterproof mascara.

    Women who lead an active lifestyle like Decker may want to use an acrylic-based tubing mascara. The water-resistant formula won't smear or flake, whether you are splashing around in the waves or running to work during a rain shower.

  • Long-lasting makeup for women on the go

    long+lasting+makeup+for+women+on+the+go_3356_800211549_0_0_7070931_300Every woman would like to look flawless all day, every day. However, since many of us require a bit of extra help to achieve this, most women rely on makeup to help them conceal blemishes, perfect their pouts and intensify their eyes.

    It may be especially hard for women who are constantly on the move, busy running around town all day, to maintain a flawless face all day. Harsh weather conditions on rainy or snowy days can also have a negative impact on faces that were made-up in the morning. Some products tend to smear, glob or vanish throughout the day.

    Luckily ladies who don't have a second to stop can still wear makeup without worrying about slowing down for a touch-up.

    An acrylic-based tubing mascara, such as blinc Mascara, is perfect for gals-on-the-go. The formula doesn't flake or smudge, making it ideal for women who have to travel throughout the day, braving the elements and possibly working up a sweat running from location to location.

  • Bad performance due to runny eye makeup?

    bad+performance+due+to+runny+eye+makeup_3356_800212534_0_0_7069333_300Selecting the right type of eye makeup is imperative to create a fantastic overall look, but women who lead an active lifestyle may want to consider more than just color when picking out their products.

    During "rock and roll night" on season 11 of Dancing With the Stars, power couple Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough, who many fans expect to win the competition, performed a paso doble that was far from flawless. And it seems that the reason for the dismal dance may have been runny makeup.

    "This is what happened tonight," Hough told E! Online after the show. "The dance was going well, I told [Jennifer] to get fierce, and she was all in it. And then at the end, this eyeliner got in my eye! Then I flew off and she was off balance and it was a mess. So basically, the moral of the story is don't wear eyeliner if you're a guy."

    However, women who live an active lifestyle don't have to forgo eye makeup for fear of it running. There are a range of products available, from acrylic-based tubing mascara to water-resistant eyeliner, that won't smudge or smear in any condition.

  • A few great items for girls who wear glasses

    a+few+great+items+for+girls+who+wear+glasses_3356_800216231_0_0_7026053_300It's easy for women who wear glasses to follow one of two makeup mottos - either you wear too much makeup so that it stands out against your specs, or you don't wear any to keep it from competing with your frames.

    However, you don't need an "all or nothing" approach when making up your eyes. There are a few items that can help enhance eyes without detracting from your glasses.

    According to More magazine, glasses blur the shape of your eyes, so women who sport specs should define their eyes with soft black or brown eyeliner. Additionally, ladies should remember the importance of a great eyelash curler and water-resistant mascara.

    "If your lashes are on the long side and straight, they'll brush against your lenses as you blink, leaving behind mascara track marks," makeup artist Paula Dorf told the news source. The publication recommends running an eyelash curler under hot water before pressing your fringe, as the heat will help bend straight lashes.

    A water-resistant mascara is another great product for gals who wear glasses, as the formula is less likely to rub off on lenses.

  • Diwali makeup tips

    makeup+for+diwali_3356_800217089_0_0_7012661_300Indian woman getting ready to celebrate Diwali, the festival of lights, are likely to be searching for long-lasting beauty products and application techniques that can carry them through the celebration. Luckily, recently collected some expert advice for women who would like to avoid having to touch up their makeup throughout the busy celebration.

    After applying facial lotion, wait at least 10 minutes before you being to put on your makeup. The short break will ensure that your skin absorbs the moisturizer and that you are able to get results from cosmetics.

    Because long-wearing makeup dries more quickly than average products, experts recommend applying a small amount of the product to one area of the face at a time and then smoothing it over the skin.

    To add a bit of color to your complexion without interfering with your foundation, the news outlet suggests lightly dusting your cheeks with a loose powder.

    A sparkly eyeshadow is best during this festive season, as is a water-proof eyeliner and mascara that will not fade or run for women who may get a little teary-eyed!

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