• Makeup for a fresh-faced office look

    makeup+for+a+fresh+faced+office+look_3356_800478605_0_0_14012956_300Let's be honest - working the nine to five grind (or however long it actually is) doesn't do wonders for your physical appearance. You're tired, groggy and at best, put-together, but fortunately, there are some makeup products that are better than others when it comes to helping you maintain the same fresh-faced appearance you came in with.

    The most critical step involves moisturizer. No matter how much face makeup you actually wear, moisturizer helps revive tired-looking skin and is a great base for the rest of your cosmetics. If you don't need a whole lot of coverage, consider using tinted moisturizer as an alternative to heavy foundation that can often weigh down your complexion.

    Blush deserves mention, as it is an instant pick-me-up. Choose rosy or peachy tones that resemble your natural skin color. Applying blush to your cheekbones gives you a more youthful look than blush applied to the apples of your cheeks.

    Lastly, and most critically, select a high-performance mascara that won't flake or smudge throughout the day. In this category, blinc Mascara deserves top mention - its water-resistant, long-lasting formula is patented to stay on lashes more faithfully than most leading waterproof brands, and without any of the harsh side effects.

  • Blinc Trivia: Fail-proof mascara for your next job interview

    blinc+trivia+fail+proof+mascara+for+your+next+job+interview_3356_800485526_0_0_7078478_300It may be common knowledge to some that you should generally arrive to a job interview looking your professional best - then again, you'd be surprised how many people don't take this message to heart. Sloppy makeup, wrinkled shirts and excessive ornamentation are but a few of the mishaps that come to mind.

    Lest you need a refresher course, your makeup should always be kept clean and simple. It's advisable to wear just a little in the aim of looking as polished as possible, but in the same vein, stay away from bold, expressive colors. Neutral shadows and a sheer glossy lip are generally most advisable.

    As for your eyes, go ahead and define them just a little - you wouldn't want your bright gaze to go by unnoticed. A minimal application of black or brown eyeliner with a couple coats of mascara will do the job - and hopefully get you one.

    That being said, you don't want to be betrayed by a faulty mascara that smudges up your look. Use blinc Mascara for its trustworthy water-resistant formula - the unique ingredients bind to lashes to provide a top-life defense against flaking and smudging.

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  • Blinc Trivia: Wake up with the blues

    blinc+trivia+wake+up+with+the+blues_3356_800494701_0_0_7042633_300How we wake is oh so important. Depending on which stage of the REM cycle we're in when the alarm goes off, we can either wake up feeling sprightly and energized or bogged down and confused, still half-living out the dream we were having.

    On mornings when we're not so lucky with the terms of our waking, we can always take recourse to some swift, corrective action with our makeup.

    Cosmopolitan.com recommends using blue mascara to make the whites of your eyes appear brighter and ultimately help mask the appearance of a tired-looking gaze.

    "When you paint your lashes a sapphire shade, they reflect off of your eyes and give them an almost-glow," the news source suggests. "The effect is subtle, but you'll be able to see the hint of blue when you're outside - it's very cool."

    Fortunately, you don't have to stop there. Using blinc Mascara in blue will not only provide you with all the eye-opening benefits mentioned above, but its unique water-resistant formula will resist flaking, running and smudging throughout the day, which means you're that much more protected from being a tired-looking mess.

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  • Blinc Trivia: Contact lens wearers, you're wise to heed these makeup tips

    blinc+trivia+contact+lens+wearers+you+re+wise+to+heed+these+makeup+tips_3356_800503523_0_0_7018295_300Corrective eyewear has come a long way since the days of monocles, but that doesn't mean modern technology doesn't come without its flaws. Contact lenses have become an increasingly comfortable (and less obvious) way to improve your eyesight, but any of you who have ever gotten caught in a dry spell with no alternative recourse know that it's not fun to choose between supreme discomfort and temporary blindness.

    That being said, there might be a simple trick you can try to help avoid such situations. According to the Philippine Star, many women use eye makeup that contains oils, which "contaminate and eventually deform some contact lenses, blurring vision and causing discomfort."

    Making healthy makeup choices is surely one way to protect your eye health and stay comfortable - all while looking fabulous, of course.

    Beyond searching the racks for oil-free products, try blinc Mascara for its industry-leading water-resistant formula. The mascara binds to lashes to prevent running, flaking and smudging and ultimately keeps your makeup out of your eyes.

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  • Blinc Trivia: Is your eye makeup affecting your ocular health?

    blinc+trivia+is+your+eye+makeup+affecting+your+ocular+health_3356_800504552_0_0_7044518_300If you thought eye makeup only had an affect on how fabulous (or not) you look on a given day, think again. Excessive eye makeup has been linked to poor eye health, and it's little wonder why.

    According to The Chosun Ilbo, contact lenses and eye makeup are accounting for an increase of keratitis (or inflammation of the cornea) in women, especially those who fall into certain age groups that are more likely to wear makeup on a constant basis.

    "Young women have a higher chance of damaging their corneas, as they apply a lot of cosmetic products on their eyes, such as eye liner, eye shadow and mascara, as well as contact lenses," The HanGil Medical Foundation Hospital's Dr. Cho Beom-jin told the news source.

    Forgoing makeup altogether may not be a viable option for some, so what's a gal to do? For one, maintaining proper lense-care procedures is essential - there's absolutely no excuse to not take them out every night, and it's imperative to make sure you're cleaning them properly. As for makeup, stick to water-resistant varieties that are less likely to smudge and get in your eyes.

    For a high-performance mascara that will have you looking as great as you feel, try blinc Mascara. The one-of-a-kind water-resistant tubing formula encases lashes in miniature tubes to prevent flaking, running and smudging.

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