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  • Crafting a makeup look that can keep up with your busy schedule

    crafting+a+makeup+look+that+can+keep+up+with+your+busy+schedule_3356_800622060_0_0_7074478_300Finding the perfect combination of cosmetics that are appropriate for work is a challenge in its own right, but finding a style that can last all day is even harder. Since you're probably not going to be wearing bright and bold eyeshadow at the office, there are some natural looks that you can sport from work to the gym, and then out on the town, without needing a change.

    First and foremost, you should keep your makeup look simple and provide much of your burst of color from your lips. Fall is known for its deep and rich hues in cosmetics and attire, but if you're only sporting one hue, you can be adventurous with a bright pink or tangerine lip color.

    Prepping your skin with primer and then wearing a bit of nude eyeshadow is a great way to stay fashionable at the office and not have to worry about your makeup at the gym.

    A hassle-free eye makeup like blinc Mascara can be a finishing touch for your active look. This product encases your lashes in tubes, which will prevent them from flaking, smudging and running throughout the day.

  • Makeup tips for college ladies who are constantly on the go

    makeup+tips+for+college+ladies+who+are+constantly+on+the+go_3356_800628327_0_0_7028230_300Young women all around the country are back on campus, and fashion can sometimes take a back seat to the varying responsibilities that they deal with each day. If you're one of these ladies and you're trying to look good for class and hit the gym in one day, there are a few makeup tricks to keep in mind, according to CollegeFashion.net.

    First and foremost, if you're going to the gym after class, there's no sense in putting on perfume. Your fragrance doesn't exactly combine with your sweat, and you may not know how odorous it can be, so be courteous to the people around you.

    When it comes to your cosmetics, keep things light and neutral. A bit of waterproof concealer can hide any dark circles under your eyes or other imperfections. Skip the eyeshadow and eyeliner, and use a bit of colored lip balm to liven up your look.

    Instead of fumbling with a paint-on mascara before the gym, blinc Mascara can keep up with your workout routine. This handy product encases your lashes in tubes, preventing your makeup from running, smudging and flaking throughout the day.

  • Crafting a style that can keep up with your holiday entertaining responsibilities

    crafting+a+style+that+can+keep+up+with+your+holiday+entertaining+responsibilities_3356_800638200_0_0_7042633_300If you're hosting the family or a group of friends for the holidays this year, you want your home to look its best, but you also want your fashion sense to shine through. When you're designing your makeup ensemble for your holiday party, you should focus on highlighting a specific feature of your face.

    If you decide to wear a bold lip color for the occasion, keep your eye makeup simple by giving your lashes volume and color with mascara. A touch of shimmer can work on your eyes, but be sure to keep it relegated to your upper lid instead of the entire area around your eyes.

    Conversely, if you have a dazzling shade of eyeshadow that you've been dying to wear, keeping your lips neutral will help those colors come to the forefront and amplify your ensemble.

    With all of the cooking and running around during the holidays, your makeup could become a mess in a hurry, so try blinc Eye Shadow Primer. This handy product will prevent your makeup from running, smudging and creasing and can moisturize your skin after only a week's use.

  • Keep your makeup look fresh throughout your workout routine

    keep+your+makeup+look+fresh+throughout+your+workout+routine_3356_800642089_0_0_14015333_300Going straight from the office to the gym is a great way to maintain a regular physical fitness regimen, but no one wants to deal with makeup smudging during a workout. Ladies who want to look professional in the office and comfortable in the gym should look for waterproof mascara that can withstand any cardio routine!

    Several studies have found that women who wear makeup to work generally have a better chance of getting a promotion. And looking good can give a lady that extra confidence she needs to land the next big deal or finish her project with flying colors.

    After you perfect your makeup in the morning, you won't have to worry about it smearing later in the day when you head to the gym. Just use blinc Mascara which is long lasting and will leave your peepers looking as beautiful as ever.

    Working out is a great stress reliever because it fills your body with endorphins, the feel-good horomone, and keeps your physique in tip top shape.

  • Tuba mascaras can break you out of that post-baby beauty rut

    makeup+can+get+you+out+of+that+post+baby+beauty+rut_3356_800654190_0_0_14008102_300New moms have a lot on their minds, which is probably why not many of them take the time to apply makeup unless they have a special excuse. After all, why wear liquid eyeliner, lipstick and tube mascara when you're just taking care of the baby at home?

    However, after a few months, you may feel like you need to step up your game again. You'll be able to head outside more and catch up with friends and family, so there's reason to break out that blush, concealer and heated eyelash curler.

    You don't have to put on a face full of makeup every time you step outside, but looking more put-together at the coffee shop or playground can definitely make you feel better about yourself. Just apply a thin layer of foundation, sweep on some blush and use tube mascara to make your eyes pop. You'll look more polished and beautiful all day long, which is just what every woman wants, baby or not.

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