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  • Alicia Keys shines on the red carpet with impeccable makeup at the Grammys

    alicia+keys+shines+on+the+red+carpet+with+impeccable+makeup+at+the+grammys_3356_800706390_0_0_14014122_300She might be known for her talent on the piano and her unmistakable voice, but Alicia Keys is also one of the most beautiful singers in Hollywood. Keys, who has recently been on the down-low since marrying Swizz Beatz and opting for a simpler life, showed up at the Grammys in style. The songstress opted for a simple black ensemble with a little bit of gold around her neck, and topped it off with the perfect amount of liquid eyeliner.

    In addition to attending, Keys sang at the Grammys and showed off her talent (and makeup!) in front of the big audience. It seems certain that the singer isn't going anywhere any time soon, especially when it comes to the front covers of magazines for her impeccable style.

    If you want to achieve a similar look, all you have to do is pull your liquid eyeliners and tube mascara from blinc out of your makeup bag. With the liquid eyeliner, you can define your eyes and make them bolder on a whim. If your lashes are lacking length, the tube mascara can take care of that. The product is designed to encase your lashes with small tubes for additional length and volume.

  • Top 3 beauty trends we hope will stay in 2010

    The champagne has been popped, the ball has dropped and (hopefully) the hangovers have stopped. And while many people may think of the new year as a magical time when their slates are wiped clean, don't feel guilty if you still have some 2010 baggage with you on your journey to 2011.

    Yeah we know, it's a new year. But what really happened in between 11:59 pm on December 31 and 12:00 am on January 1? Did a unicorn-riding elf fly across the world and magically erase the issues and problems of the past year? Believe us, we wish that was the case, but unfortunately, the things you had to deal with in 2010 will likely follow you into the new year as well.

    However, while last year's baggage may be tethered to your ankles, there are a few things you can easily leave behind, especially when it comes to the wonderful world of beauty. In fact, there are three trends we encourage you to abandon forever.

    1. The Jersey Shore look. We love watching Snooki, JWoww and Sammi - the ladies are more quotable than a Will Ferrell movie. But please, stop emulating their beauty routines. I mean seriously, we loved tuning into Lost - does that mean we should try to look like the Smoke Monster?

    In 2011, lay off the self-tanner, the false lashes, and for all that is good in the world, take down that poof. Instead, opt for a more natural look. Add a touch of color to your complexion with a bit of bronzing powder and emphasize your eyes with blinc Mascara, which won't run or flake no matter how many gorilla juiceheads you beat up the beat with.

    2. Vampire makeup. From Twilight to True Blood, the nation was (and still is) obsessed with these creepy bloodsuckers, and it's easy to see why. In addition to being immortal and needing blood to stay alive, apparently all vampires are incomprehensibly good looking. And while we'd go undead for Robert Pattinson or Alexander Skarsgard, we don't need to look as though we died long ago.

    Remember, the sun won't actually kill you (hell, it doesn't even kill the vampires in Twilight - but that's a complaint for another day). Experiment with light and bright makeup that will enhance your sun-kissed skin.

    3. Taylor Momsen. While we really hope nobody is trying to look like this raccoon-eyed actress, we have two words for anybody piling on the black makeup: Stop. Seriously.

  • How to snag a great New Year's kiss

    how+to+snag+a+great+new+year+s+kiss_3356_800310849_0_0_7078172_300This time of year is chock full of good times, like holiday parties, days off from work and gift exchanges. Unfortunately for us single gals, there is something on the horizon that is decidedly less fun. In fact, it is even more frightening than your family's Christmas sweaters or your end-of-the-month deadlines at the office - 11:59 pm on December 31. While those with a boyfriend have an insta-midnight kiss, the solo sisters have nothing but anxiety as they frantically search for a pair of lips to smooch when the clock strikes midnight.

    Though the idea of being dateless on New Year's Eve may seem like the perfect reason to skip the parties and stay home alone, it may be the very reason you should pretty yourself up and head out. You never know what single dude you'll stumble upon while saying goodbye to 2010.

    But simply meeting a gorgeous guy doesn't guarantee a lip lock when the ball drops. To land a midnight kiss with your Mr. Right Now, you may want to follow a few simple suggestions.

    1. Look drop-dead gorgeous. We know this sounds like a tall-order to fill but come on - you have over a week to prepare, so looking less-than-stellar is simply inexcusable. Put together an ensemble that highlights your best features. Love your legs? Rock a mini and a killer pair of stilettos. Prefer to show-off a bit of cleavage? Sport a plunging neckline that is sure to turn heads.

    2. Create a truly kissable pout. Though red lips may seem alluring, guys may shy away from getting too close to a pout that's covered in color. You may also want to avoid gloss - shiny lips are sexy from afar, but the sticky substance is likely to scare away a dude who's just looking to smooch. Instead, brush on a smudge-proof stain that is a bit darker than your natural color and cover with a lip balm that boasts a slight sheen. Irresistible!

    3. Make sure your look lasts 'til midnight. New Year's Eve is usually a night-long celebration, so you'll want to use products that won't quit on you before the clock strikes 12. Use a light-weight hairspray to keep your strands in place without creating a stiff-looking 'do. To avoid the dreaded raccoon eyes, apply a few coats of blinc Mascara for flirtatiously full lashes that will stay-put through inclement weather and dance-induced sweat.

    4. Don't black out before the ball drops. A happy buzz is great, but slurring and stumbling is not sexy - and passing out in the corner is simply sad. And please, lay off the red wine. Nothing says "Kiss me on the cheek" quite like wine-stained teeth.

  • Celebrity eye makeup: to match or contrast?

    celebrity+eye+makeup+to+match+or+contrast_3356_800127790_0_0_7072269_300While some women prefer to don makeup that matches their ensembles, other gals opt for contrasting cosmetics to complete their look. And recently, two stars stepped out on the red carpet sporting makeup that embodied each idea.

    At the Los Angeles premiere of her new movie, Conviction, Hilary Swank wore turquoise eye makeup along her lower lash line that matched the hue from the geometric pattern on her dress. It created a cohesive overall look that helped the actress look especially put together.

    A few weeks later, at Elle's 17th Annual Women in Hollywood Tribute, Diane Kruger wore similarly colored eyeshadow, however, there was one notable exception - she was wearing a crimson dress! Instead of painting her pout a matching shade of red, Kruger sported contrasting winged teal eye makeup, which added a bit of spunk and flair to her already striking appearance.

    Whether opting for eye makeup that matches or contrasts, women shouldn't forget to apply mascara to complete the look. Acrylic-based tubing mascara doesn't smudge or flake, so the product won't interfere with whichever eye makeup look you select.

  • Birthday girl Selena Gomez matches her makeup to her dress

    Selena Gomez, best known for her role as Alex Russo on Disney's Wizards of Waverly Place, is all grown up! The raven-haired actress recently celebrated her 18th birthday.

    The star appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon looking lovely in a lavender cocktail dress and matching eye makeup.

    Gomez, who was gifted with a large cupcake adorned with blazing candles while backstage at the program, looked sleek and sophisticated in her ensemble.

    Those who want to follow the young actress' lead can work to create a monochromatic look. For formal events, choose an eyeshadow shade that corresponds to your dress and sweep the color across your upper lids. Apply a thin but precise line of black or dark brown eyeliner along your upper and lower lashes as well.

    For an extra pop of the color, choose a water-resistant mascara in a shade that also complements your outfit.

    Of course, flaking and clumping mascara has the potential to ruin any look. Choose an acrylic-based tubing mascara to ensure a flawless finish.ADNFCR-3356-ID-19904444-ADNFCR

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