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  • Blinc Micro Trimmer

Micro Trimmer

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Quick Overview:

the power of precision

the power of precision

Remove unwanted hair safely, quickly and easily with the blinc micro eyebrow trimmer. Designed specifically to trim and shape eyebrows with extreme precision, the blinc micro eyebrow trimmer also contains a custom dual-sided adapter to allow for trimming at two different lengths.

When using the adapter, slide it onto the trimmer head while the device is turned off. Slide the switch button up to turn the micro trimmer on. Trim eyebrows in the direction against its natural growing trend, slowly moving the blade from the tip of the eyebrow to the opposite end. For any stray or unwanted hair, use the eyebrow trimmer without the adapter and gently trim using short, controlled strokes.

One AAA battery is included inside device (slide open handle to remove plastic battery preserving strip). When not in use, make sure to turn device off to preserve battery life. Consider using rechargeable batteries to save money and our environment!

Why is my micro trimmer not working when I take it out for the first time?
You need to make sure to remove the plastic wrapping from the battery before first use. To get to the battery slide open the bottom portion of the curler by pulling the ends apart to reveal the battery casing. Make sure when you insert the battery to line up the positive and negative symbols from the battery to the casing.
What is the adapter for that comes with my micro trimmer?
How do I use the adapter?
Can I safely use the micro trimmer without the adapter?
How do I clean my micro trimmer?